:: The most beautiful window films in the world. Design developments in the area of new, innovative window laminates have gained incredible impetus in the past year. A particularly pleasing fact is that it has become abundantly clear that the time of copying is coming to an end. The creative departments of laminate manufacturers now spend their energies much rather on their own new, unique designs.

:: Innovative new laminates were created by precise special light embossing, which made a lasting impression with its finely printed images. It is also quite noticeable how beautiful, noble surfaces are increasingly created by means of a reduction in the degree of glossiness, breaking out of the clichéd mould of a synthetic surface.

:: This diversity creates completely new possibilities for the window industry and market. Window manufacturers can develop from “Mee-Too” suppliers into design-driven “Collections” suppliers. This way more distinct differentiations are possible. Everyone can decide for himself and for his product range what image it should reflect: sleek and elegant architecture? Warm, modern cottage style windows? Or, or, or? One thing is certain; the new laminates make it possible to differentiate oneself from the white synthetic windows with the largest possible diversity. A diversity that presents the customer with real added value and as such also creates additional space in the pricing structure.

:: With the Black Dot Design Award 2008 the most beautiful window laminates in the world are again awarded for the second time. This year again included the whole portfolio of manufacturers of high-quality window laminates.

:: Based on the new wide diversity, which bore innovative fruit in almost all areas, we have decided for the first time this year to award the Black Dot Award in four categories. Awards were given to the best in the following categories : :

:: Wood grain finishes
:: Unidecor finishes
:: Metallic finishes

Furthermore, a prize for the most innovative laminate of 2008 was awarded for the first time.

:: Long live the new diversity!